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What is DISDECO?

District Digital Economy or DISDECO starts with a Digital Entrepreneur in a District Headquarter city. The entrepreneur creates a node (Circle) of eSamudaay for their district and forms an initial team of Digital Marketers, Community and Marketplace Creators and Logistics Operators.

Then the team assists sellers in the City to connect to ONDC and create a Seller-first Hyperlocal Marketplace. Consumers transparently connect to these marketplaces from a plethora of ONDC buyer apps or through a Hometown Super App - A locally made Super App configured for the city by people that know the city.

This is just the start. Disdeco then connects every Taluka and every village. This kind of a network enables the smallest producer from the smallest village reach globally. Only thing that matters is the strength of the product and the producer's connect with his customers.